Polaris Industries 

Polaris Industries is one of the world’s top powersport brands (snowmobiles, atvs, motorcycles, and more) with millions of vehicles sold for work & play. In January of 2016, I was hired to help improve their user experience along multiple digital products. 


During my time at Polaris I had the pleasure of working on their off-road trail apps (ORV Trails app & Snow Trails app). Both apps let users plan, track, and share their off-road adventures. My focus was to help grow the overall user engagement of these two apps.  

From a first look at our analytics we found there was server drop-off after a month of use. We decided to move an existing exciter feature into the map/home screen to help keep user in app longer. 


Research & Discovery

Research, data analysis, & user interviews showed:

  •           ·      Avg. user spent over 87% of their time on the Map screen

  •           ·      Highest ranking features (tracking a ride and adding a waypoint) were buried in another tab
  •           ·      Users wanted more control & intractability with the map

In a nut shell, users wanted a richer map experience. We then moved into a phase of brainstorming, prototyping, and testing. 


UX/UI Design & Prototyping

Whiteboard Session With Jacob Larson (Designer) 

Whiteboard Session With Jacob Larson (Designer) 

After discussing the concepts with our product manager and developers we decided to go forward with two promising paradigms to give the user access to the trail tracking features.

The next step was to produce high-fidelity clickable prototypes to be tested. You can see animations I explored below:


Right to left: Button UI Concept, Drawer UI Concept (Chosen)

We found that user leaned towards the drawer option (right) due to the focus & rich controls. We achieved this by:  

  •           ·      Creating a satellite mode for terrain 
  •           ·      Added a real-time weather mode 
  •           ·      Consolidated points of interest into a single toggle  
  •           ·      Moved the track a ride & add a waypoint action onto the map 


  • Results

The new release was well received. Both pre-existing and new user showed high adoption and feedback was positive. Engagement continues to climb to date.

Here's a list of other features that I've been working on that will be shipped with the next major app release. All of these features will also be included on the 2017 on-vehicle display. 

  •           ·      Geofence around trail systems
  •           ·      Single trail details
  •           ·      Additional meta data: difficulty, open or closed loops, terrain type, popularity, ratings and comments
  •           ·      Paid premium POIs

If you have any question or like to chat don't hesitate to email me